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GENMAX is a factory-operated brand under Chongqing DK power machinery Co. LTD. 

Founded in 2010,GENMAX has years of experience in providing portable generators, gasoline Inverter generators, Dual Fuel inverter generators, Portable Power Stations, pressure washers, water pumps, gasoline engines, as well as accessories for power needs at home, at the job site, and at the time of recreation.


In the past few years, our factory made a big investment in developing new products. Smaller, lighter and greener is the consistent aim of our brand. Therefore, GENMAX has industry-leading lightweight variable inverter generator series.


Our goal and commitment: To constantly strive to provide new, innovative and exclusive products offering great value in each category, which provide our customers with products and solutions that meet their highest expectations.


China Headquarter

Whatsapp: +86 18523141224 (Get Free Quote)
Caojie Industrial Park, Hechuan District, Chongqing

U.S.A Service Center

Location address Warehouse / Distribution / Service:301 doubleday Ave Ontario CA 91761

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